AMPSI is a collaborative project between several research groups across Australia that specialise in structure determination of membrane proteins. Our aim is to raise the profile of research into membrane protein structural biology in Australia.

Our Mission Statement


To promote technological and scientific advances in membrane protein structural biology in Australia.

The determination of structures of any protein is essential for understanding the protein’s function in health and disease and for development of treatments using rational drug design.

Membrane proteins are key components of all living organisms, constituting more than 30% of cellular proteins. They can be found at the cell surface and in intracellular membranes where they are responsible for the cell’s communication with its environment, biological energy conversion and the generation of electrical signals that are central to the function of the heart and the brain.

More than half of all FDA approved drugs bind to membrane proteins, yet they remain the most challenging targets for structure determination. This is because they are exceedingly difficult to isolate and crystallise and new technologies are required to increase the number of membrane protein structures.

The Australian Membrane Protein Structure Initiative aims to form a network of Structural Biology labs across the country to exchange expertise in this important field.

Last modified: 8 April, 2015

Latest News

Brain Transporters: From Genes and Genetic Disorders to Function and Drug Discovery

Aug 20-23, 2015, Palm Cove, Queensland

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Australian Advanced Methods
in Crystallography Workshop

June 22-25, 2014, Australian Synchrotron, Melbourne

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Latest Publication

"Engineering protocells: prospects for self-assembly and nanoscale production-lines"

Miller DM and Gulbis JM

Life 5(2):1019-53 (2015)